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You Only Have a Nanosecond to Get Their Attention. How to Use it Wisely.

Think about how quickly you scroll through your news feeds looking for an interesting post. What was it that made you stop to read a specific article? Most likely it was an interesting image or visual.

You may have noticed that visual marketing is the white-hot topic and that’s because it works… beautifully!

More than a Pretty Picture
Visual marketing is the use of images, graphics or video to support or create uber-compelling content that grabs people’s attention in an otherwise competitive, fast-moving torrent of information and social media posts.   Below is a great example from McDonald’s twitter stream.


Visual marketing is the use of images, graphics or video.


The Convergence of Visual Marketing
Social media platforms are evolving to become more visual at an amazing speed (Twitter added the ability to support up to four images in a single tweet and Facebook has increased the size of post images.)

Apps Make it Easy
It seems like every day, apps like Flipagram,  PowToon and GifDeck  are launched that make the creation of visuals a snap for everyone. For more visual marketing apps, check out these articles rich in visual marketing tools, apps and tips:

The Proof is in the Stats

Tweets with images get 55% more clicks than those without.

[Tweet “On average, tweets with images get 55% more clicks than those without”]

[Tweet “Blogs with infographics get 30% more reads than text-only blogs”]

[Tweet “Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without”]

[Tweet “700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute”]

Benefits of Visual Marketing
According to an article in Convince & Convert, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text! Take advantage of this and be share-worthy in all you publish. You’ll reap the rewards with:

  • Increased post/content sharing & awareness
  • Increased engagement, clicks and leads
  • More memorable content
  • Search engine optimization (using tags with your images helps your content get found on search engines)
  • Instantly-recognizable brand

What’s your story? How are you visually telling portraying your brand?