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Website Development: 3 ways you’ll benefit with Harp

#1 Branding

Inviting traffic to your website is like inviting people into your home. It says a lot about you, and visitors will be making split-second decisions. Harp designs sites true to your brand (capturing instant “a-ha” moments with customers), and we do it in a way that is clean, intuitive, uncluttered and inviting.

#2 Built for Inbound Lead Conversion

We’re also versed in landing page best practices—strategizing, writing and designing pages for conversion as you define it (ordering, calling, filling out a form, etc). Our careful analytics guide us in tracking, testing and evolving landing pages to maximize your results. Ask us about landing page best practices and testing.

#3 Increasing Organic Traffic

Many sites will greatly benefit with a content marketing program—for the purpose of serving up your content in the search results your audience is seeking.

Website Development that is Organized + Engaging

Like meeting someone for the first time, your website only has a split second to make a first impression. Our well-honed and focused discovery process will ensure clean, organized content, presented in an engaging manner, while working hand-in-hand with your business objectives.

Website Development with Personality + Purpose

The core of your brand and your organization’s reason for living should be clear, compelling and purposeful. Our deep brand expertise will ensure your website aligns with your core identity while positioning you in a compelling and unique manner that’s motivating to your audience.

Website Development to Grow your Online Popularity

We have to work to attract others to us. In the human world, we call this wine. In the internet world, we call this search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing (also called inbound lead generation). There are no shortcuts to either of these—despite SEO plug-ins or the plethora of Google Adword do-it-yourselfers. The best results are delivered the old-fashioned way: strategic, manual brain power, working synergistically cross-channel. Through blog or eCommerce website development, we help draw a crowd to your online hub.

Website Development that offers Rewarding Experiences

Like your best salesperson who’s perfectly on point 24/7, your site must communicate clearly and effectively while guiding clients and customers into your sales funnel. What do we want visitors to do? And why should they do it? We will strategize successful landing pages that encourage your audience to act. They will be rewarded. And so will you.

5 Questions to Ask your Web Development Team on the First Date

Building a website is no stroll through the park; it requires extensive planning and coordination to ensure every piece of content is presented in a functional, user-friendly, visually appealing way. Ready for your first date with a web development team?

Kick off the relationship by asking these five questions:

What steps will you take to ensure the website conveys my company's brand?

To what extent will you incorporate SEO and what is your process?

Will my website contain landing pages (essential for lead generation)?

Will my website have a responsive design?

What platform or language will the site be built in and why?