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Study Shows Marketers Plan to Spend More on Social Media Programs

Highlights and Statistics of Social Media Usage by Brands.
More Than 87% Will Increase Investment in the Next 12 Months

The following information is taken from a survey of 137 brand marketers and ad agency professionals that point to a significant investment in social media marketing programs in the next 12 months.

Of the marketers surveyed:
  • 63% have already implemented social media marketing programs, and
  • 87% plan to increase that investment in the next 12 months.
  • 37% of marketers that are not currently investing in social media, 62% plan to invest within one year.
  • 89% of those surveyed said their social media marketing programs have been successful,
  • 30% cited that programs were very successful, e.g. generated more sales or improved customer relations.
  • 11% of the marketers surveyed said they were unable to tell whether their programs were successful.

“While the technology and tools are there, social media is still uncharted territory for many marketers,” says  Chris Shipley, executive producer of Pivot Conference. “The survey results indicate that they are planning to spend money but are still looking for guidance on how to spend their budgets, how to track ROI and the best ways to engage with key customers.”


Social Media Marketing Is a Small Portion of Total Budget But Spending Is Likely to Increase

  • 74% of marketers surveyed said that less than 20% of their online marketing resources, including budget and staff to manage them, were devoted to social media programs.
  • 87% stated plans to increase their investment in social media marketing programs in the next 12 months.

Who Is the Target Customer?

  • 75% of the marketers surveyed are targeting the “always-on” consumer, described as “hyper-connected” because of their frequency of engagement with the Internet and mobile devices.
  • 36% stated that the demographic is a primary target, and 39% stated it as a secondary target.
  • Survey respondents believe that 50% or more of 18-34 year old consumers are “always-on.”
  • They often have different motivations than previous generations, such as green or socially conscious interests. (67%)
  • They have the potential to be more influential than consumers who are not always-on. (62%)
  • 57% (of marketers) are seeking active engagement with customers using social media platforms.
  • 30% are exploring customer involvement with caution or have not yet formalized how to engage with those customers using social media.

Where Customers Go, Marketers Follow

In keeping with the online habits of 18-34 year old consumers, the most popular Internet/mobile platforms that marketers are currently using include:

  • Search engines (i.e. Google) – 89% using
  • Social media sites (i.e. Facebook) — 84% using
  • Micro-blogging/presence applications (i.e. Twitter) — 72% using

Emerging platforms in which marketers are planning to increase investment include:

  • Mobile apps (i.e. iPhone) — 39% currently using; 42% plan to use
  • Location-based services (i.e. foursquare) — 23% currently using; 35% plan to use
  • In-game advertising (i.e. FarmVille) — 5% currently using; 23% plan to use


The online survey was conducted by Extra Mile Audience Research on behalf of the Pivot Conference  between June 29 and July 30, 2010. The invitation to participate in this online survey was sent to corporate marketers and ad agency professionals via email and through social media channels. 137 responded to the survey.

To request a copy of the report, please visit:  https://pivotcon.wufoo.com/forms/pivot-survey-request-form/


SOURCE Pivot Conference