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Lights, Camera, Facebook: Tips for Facebook Cover Videos

Roll out the red carpet and fire up the cameras, Facebook has crafted a new feature with the introduction of cover videos for Facebook Pages. Cover videos are a far more captivating alternative to static images and give businesses the opportunity for more creativity that can set them apart from competitors. The cover photo or video space is a major focal point on the Page, sitting front and center.

So get the story boards out and embrace the future of Facebook. Leave cover photos in the stone age while we take a closer look at a few tips and best practices for successful Facebook cover videos.

Facebook Cover Video Specifics and Statistics

Video Length

Similar to TV commercials, a Facebook cover video must be between 20 to 90 seconds long. For videos, a matter of seconds is an eternity so the minimum 20 seconds will require a lot of thought and planning. Videos will loop, always starting automatically from the beginning when someone visits the page; however keep in mind that if you include audio, the video will need to be manually unmuted by the user in order for the audio to play.

File Format

The .mp4 file format is the most compatible format for uploading your video to Facebook. The minimum dimensions of the video are 820 x 312 pixels and can increase from there. Once the video is uploaded, you can click the video to drag it to reposition it then hit the publish button, the same way you would if it were a cover photo.

Keep in mind that when the video is viewed on your page, only the section that falls within the cover area will be seen.

Here are some examples of cover videos that work effectively.

At the writing of this article, these Pages featured videos. Note, they may have changed the videos or replaced with a static graphic so we can’t guarantee you’ll experience what we saw.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany has delighted their fans with an ever-changing variety of fresh cover videos. Sometimes the videos are reflective of the glam and quality of their brand, sometimes it’s more relatable as in the screen cap below. You can practically layer your own story right over theirs!


A great B2B example of a cover video, Hootsuite attacks the concept of social ROI and uses its cover video to educate their viewers. It starts by introducing the concept of social ROI and logically leads the viewer to see how Hootsuite is a useful tool to use in relation to social ROI.

The video goes about this in a simplistic way by using phrases to lead viewers along their path of reasoning accompanied by little graphics. This gets the idea across quickly in a clear and concise way. The background music is exactly that: background music that does not distract the viewer from comprehending the underlying message.

Krispy Kreme 

Krispy Kreme, like Tiffany & Co. chooses to keep their fan base entertained while deliciously promoting aspects of their brand. Whether it’s a video of a single shot of cream being poured into a steaming cup of coffee or the animated marriage of a donut and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, their videos are simple, compelling and always on brand.

Facebook cover photos are a fantastic way to spice up your page and form a more interactive environment for your online visitors.

Have you come across a cover video that you like or does your business Page have one? Share the Page in the comments below!