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How to Mention Someone in Google Plus Posts

Want to Mention someone on Google Plus? You Have Options

You can mention people in your Google Plus posts in a variety of ways though the most common method I see on Google Plus is by using the plus sign before their name, e.g. +(name).   The ‘@’ symbol, made popular on Twitter and now, like the hashtag   is prevalent in our culture, can also be used in lieu of the ‘+’ sign.

When you mention someone in your Google Plus post, Google Plus will send them a notification. They may or may not see this notification depending on their notification settings. They’ll be able to see the post in which they are mentioned however.

Mentioning is useful to grab someone’s attention, to ask them a question, to give them credit or to call their attention to something.

How to Mention Someone in a Google Plus Post or Comment

Type +{Person’s Name}, or

Type @{Person’s Name}, or

Type + or @{Person’s Email Address}

As you type the name, you’ll notice an auto-complete suggestion list of Google Plus users.

Simply select the person you wish to mention.

Note: In order to mention someone on Google Plus, the person must also be on Google Plus, however you can share something with someone not on Google Plus by using their email address after the ‘+’ or ‘@’ sign.