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How to Build a Dazzling LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Page

Tens of millions of professionals are following more than a million companies on LinkedIn. Having a fully optimized and professional LinkedIn company page will showcase your business in the most professional light to job seekers, employees, potential customers, purchasing managers, current clients, and interested observers. A LinkedIn Company Page is your brands interface to the professional social world and presents an opportunity to engage, grow and reveal the human side of your company…all while providing a peek at the individuals behind your brand and products.

A Company Page consists of four main areas or tabs: Overview, Careers, Products & Services and Analytics. The last tab, Analytics, is available only to Page admins.

These tabs provide an opportunity for viral, word-of-mouth growth and allow interested professionals to “follow” your company and receive updates about it. Yet many companies that we come across aren’t taking advantage of the available tabs that LinkedIn provides on Company Pages and aren’t using the platform effectively.

Here’s how to build out your LinkedIn Company Page:

Overview Tab:

The reception area of your Company Page — the Overview Tab provides a friendly introduction to your brand. When a member visits this tab, they see everyone in their network who works at your company, your company’s blog posts and Twitter feeds. Be sure to fill out your company overview using relevant keywords that will help you be found in searches. Don’t stop at one paragraph here. Write your copy to be informative, appealing to your audience and full of relevant search terms. For more information on how to do this, click here to a downloadable pdf.

Careers Tab:

This section provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with millions of passive and active job seekers on LinkedIn. Any job openings you’ve posted on LinkedIn will show up here. Investing in a Silver or Gold Careers Page allows you to feature additional content on your employment brand and your company’s culture, showcase your best employees and tailor your messaging to target audiences.

LinkedIn lets you customize your Careers tab, offering a  range of content options.   And you could choose to tailor your  content and target members based on Industry, Job  Function, Seniority and Geography.

You can also create up to 3 custom content modules, featuring content that is important to job seekers and employees. You can use these modules to describe your company history or story, its culture and values, awards, locations, etc.

Download a pdf with more information on how to fill out the Careers Tab here.

Products & Services Tab:

The Products and Services tab provides an area where you can showcase your offerings and highlight product recommendations.

Use this tab to  curate and spotlight product  recommendations and engage with  prospective and current customers.  Listing all products and services, you can create a directory-style listing that’s exhaustive  and includes all your product and service offerings.  Provide additional content for each product or  service — including descriptions, features, images,  display banners, videos, and special offers.


Download a pdf explaining more on how to set up this tab, here.

Analytics Tab:

The analytics tab isn’t anything you need to fill out, though it is worth taking a peak into. This tab provides data and insights about company followers. This tab is visible only to Company Page administrators.  Your Analytics Tab is a source of  tremendous insights to give you a better  understanding of member behavior,  including who is visiting your page(s),  where are they coming from and how  often. You also get to see a comparative  snapshot of your company’s followers vs.  followers of other similar companies.

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