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Google’s +Post Social Ads… Why They’re Kind of a Big Deal!

Google+, in its first   effort to monetize, is testing ads in a format called +Post ads. Utilizing this new social ad format (currently in beta) will provide businesses and brands a medium to amplify content from Google Plus across the web.

Big Deal: Big Network
Google’s +Post Ad format takes you from a niche social media platform to world-wide exposure! With over 2 million Google Display Network (GDN) sites reaching over 90% of Internet users worldwide (Source: ComScore), there are plenty of opportunities and places to reach your customers. Brands can re-purpose their Google+ content into expandable, interactive display ads.

Big Deal: Interactive/Live Social Ad format
Google +Post ads support live conversations with your audience by providing the ability to join a Hangout On Air live, add a comment to the ad, follow your brand or give them a +1…all right from the ad. Talk with your audience, rather than at your audience.

Big Deal: Google Plus will still be ad-free
While Google is monetizing the Google+ social network, Google+ users will not see ads actually on the channel. Google Plus will remain ad-free.   This is the a big plus for Google Plus and further separates it from Facebook’s in stream and right hand column advertising format. Google Plus will remain ad-free.

Available to only Toyota USA, Ritz Crackers   and Cadbury UK during beta, Google plans on adding more advertising partners to the beta as it works out any issues.