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Everything you Need to Know about Google +1

You may have seen  the announcement from Google in March about their social feature called +1. Perhaps you are patiently waiting to start seeing the +1   in your Google search results. You may be waiting forever and never see it. Following is a comprehensive list of information regarding Google’s new feature:

  • On March 30th, 2011, Google announced their new social feature called “+1”. On Google’s search results page, you will notice a “+1” icon next to each Google search result, allowing you to recommend certain results and websites directly from Google by clicking on the “+1”.

  • Google +1 is available NOW,   but you have to turn it on. Turn it on here.
  • To see +1’s in your Google search results you’ll need to be logged into your  Google Account.
  • Google calls their +1 feature an experiment. You can participate in their experiment by enabling the   +1 feature  here but note….you will need a Goole profile first. Create a public  Google profile. (Google has said that all Profiles will either become public –by at least revealing the account owner’s full name–or be automatically removed July 31, 2011.
  • When you +1, or recommend/share something, the +1s are accumulated on a +1 tab on your Google profile. Everything you +1 will be completely public and part of your redesigned Google profile.

  • To recommend something, all you have to do is click +1 on a webpage or ad you find useful. These +1’s will then start appearing in Google’s search results.
  • After pressing the +1 button, you have the option to immediately undo it.
  • You will see the recommendations of those that you are currently connected to on Google. If you want to know who you’re connected to, and how, visit the “Social Circle and Content” section of the  Google Dashboard.
  • Google may soon add in your other connections from sites such as Twitter.
  • You can use your Google profile to see all of your +1’s in one place, and delete those you no longer want to recommend.
  • The +1 button is rolled out only in the English  language  (for now).
  • +1 button will be automatically inserted into paid ads. Advertisers can   learn more about how the +1 button works on search ads and websites here:  AdWords blog.
  • Google will offer stand-alone +1 buttons for websites to put right next to its Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons (sign up  here).
  • Webmasters can get the Google +1 button here.
  • Read the official Google Blog on +1  here

Watch the official Google video below:

What others are saying:

Ginzametrics has written a post on his  blog about the impact +1 will have on site owners. Grieselhuber notes that Google’s move to create a +1 button – for sites and for search results – demonstrates the increasing importance that sharing and social will play in SEO in the next few years. So if nothing else, it’s as good as a time as any to make sure your content is shareable.

Jonah A. Berger, Senior Specialist, SEO wrote in his blog, “As with any new Google update, it’s important to let the dust settle before you make any changes to your site or redirect the path your SEO engagement is currently on. The Google +1 button could be here today and gone tomorrow, so it’s critical to practice patience while keeping an eye on site visibility, ranking, traffic and other important data.”

Says  Bernie Borges, “It’s estimated that more than 50% of corporations don’t allow its employees to access Facebook from the office.   But, Google is available to all employees. So, Google brilliantly came up with its own version of Like…”   He continues with “Companies whose employees are socially active and signed into their Google profile will have the ability to be influencers by clicking +1 on listings they like and to observe the influence of others that click Google +1 on search listings. Socially active businesses will have an advantage over non-socially active companies by participating in Google’s signal ecosystem through its evolving social search strategy.”