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8 Downright Awesome Reasons to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Marketers have clearly acknowledged that visual marketing is all the rage! Visuals are key to capturing attention online. Just take a quick scroll through your social media sites and judge the balance of images to text. (Pretty image heavy, right?)

But what happens when you add even more dimensions to your marketing materials? I’m talking sound, motion graphics, visuals and text combined to create an impactful brand experience. I’m talking video marketing.

Below you’ll find 8 reasons why you should care about integrating video into your business marketing strategy.

1.  Your audience is seeking out video content.

Considering 100 million Internet users watch online video each day, I’m willing to bet a majority of your target audience watched at least one online video in the past 24 hours. Why not make the next video they view showcases your brand?

Give your audience what they want, how they want it!

2.  Video is a measurable marketing tool.

We live in a data-driven world. We want to see the fruits of our labors and know we’re receiving a return on our investment.

Calculating that ROI for video content is quite simple compared to other marketing efforts. For example, it’s not always easy to extract those hard numbers when it comes to determining how much text on a webpage a visitor digested. Did the visitor read just the first paragraph? Maybe a few snippets from the middle? What’s the likelihood that the visitor actually made it to the end of your article? Knowing how online audiences operate, probably slim to none.

With video marketing, however, you can easily track engagement with your content. After embedding event tracking code, Google Analytics will tell you exactly how many viewers clicked the play button and watched the entire video.  This nifty tracking code will enable you to demonstrate ROI on your video investment.

3.  Video will continue to become increasingly relevant.

[Tweet “Video currently accounts for 57% of consumer internet traffic.”]

By 2017, it’s predicted that video will account for 74% of all internet traffic. Talk about giant strides!

Adopting a video marketing strategy today will solidify your brand’s prominence among the sea of videos expected to sail in over the next few years. How? By becoming a top-of-mind, credible resource.

By connecting with your audience through video and establishing a loyal following, your brand will gain a credible identity as an expert in the industry.

4.  Promoting videos will elevate your email marketing campaigns.

If you’ve noticed your email marketing campaigns slagging in strength, creating and sharing videos via email is a great way to reenergize your campaign performance.

According to Syndacast, using the word “video” in email subject lines:

  • boosts open rates by 19%,
  • increases click-thru rates by 65%,
  • and reduces unsubscribers by 26%.

Once you have promotional marketing videos to distribute, email is an easy way to debut your brand story with thousands of audience members.

Connect with your target market on such an emotional level to the point that reopening your email and replaying the video is irresistible. Cue the cinematic energy!

5.  Play buttons speak for themselves.

Think of play buttons as your personal minions; they do the work for you.

Instead of struggling to entice visitors to click on a word or phrase that leads to more information about your business, simply present a play button.

Humans have an innate desire to click on play buttons, turning videos into captivating call to action buttons.

6.  Catering to visual learners means catering to the masses.

65% of all people are visual learners. This means video is a preferred medium of communication for a lot of people, people who are in your target audience.

By creating a video marketing strategy, you’re transforming your brand into a multidimensional character with a climatic story to tell.

Get emotional. Get personal. Bring your brand to life in a highly memorable way.

Reinforce a written message with music that tugs at the viewer’s heartstrings and graphics that inspire connections at undefined levels. Provide positive visual cues your audience will store into memory and forever associate with your brand.

7.  Generate more qualified leads.

If your customers or clients are taking the time to watch your branded video from start to finish (or even a majority of the video), they’re highly interested in your content. This makes them a qualified lead for your business.

Capitalize on this! Snatch up viewers by directing them to a video landing page. Here you can incorporate a form to collect contact information from these qualified leads.

8.  Your audience hangs out other places beside YouTube.

One of the opportunities marketers often miss when it comes to video marketing is taking advantage of all distribution platforms.

Only publicizing your videos on YouTube is like having a five course meal at your fingertips and filling up on the bread. You’ve stuffed too much of one thing into a single place.

We suggest these simple steps for even greater satisfaction:

  • incorporate a video into a Facebook post,
  • include a link to a video in a tweet,
  • share a short video on Instagram,
  • push out a video via email, and/or
  • integrate video into a landing page for a specific service.

By sharing video across multiple social platforms, you’re extending your brand’s reach to different audience members and walking an avenue to broaden your appeal.

You’ve already established a successful business, you’ve got the walk. Now it’s time to talk the talk.

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