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5 Symptoms of Social Media Couch Potato Syndrome

A recently exposed syndrome, social media couch potato (SMCP), has become more prevalent and widespread among businesses that have recently adopted social media platforms. They are soon struck with the fact that social media marketing takes strategy, planning, resources, content, time and…more time. They become overwhelmed, haven’t planned properly, don’t have the strategies or resources in place to execute and the results are…social media couch potato syndrome.

So what exactly does SMCP look like?

The symptoms include:

  1. Inability to actively engage others on Twitter
  2. Forgetfulness to update your Facebook page daily
  3. Slow to tweet, with lack of interesting content
  4. Sluggishness in updating your LinkedIn status
  5. Dizziness at the thought of keeping your social media lively and engaging

Businesses of all sizes are suffering with this new syndrome, including Fortune 100 companies!

TWTRCON stats reports recently that: A Weber Shandwick study conclude’s that Fortune 100 companies need a “Twittervention”. It goes on to note about those same companies:

  • 76% of businesses with Twitter accounts failed to post frequently
  • 52%+ failed to display personality or consistency of voice and did not actively engage with others
  • 50% had fewer than 500 followers
  • 15% of all accounts have become inactive

While these statistics are specific to Twitter and Fortune 100 companies, it’s not too big of a leap to presume that they equally apply across the social universe and to businesses large and small.

Recommended actions?

  • Listen
  • Participate
  • Update
  • Engage

The key to social media health: A sound strategy coupled with consistent execution, the right collection of tools, resources and discipline and understanding the different social media cultures goes a long way to alleviating SMCP.