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5 Reasons to Regularly Update your WordPress Site

Update? It’s a mandate!

Chances are, your company’s website is using WordPress.

It’s the most popular CMS (content management system) online, and steadily growing. Today, nearly 30% of all websites are built using WordPress.

Are you updating your WordPress plugins regularly? Below you’ll discover five leading reasons why you should.

1) Security Against Evil Hackers

In general, websites are under constant attack. Malicious script bots and individual hackers scour the internet and take note of your company website’s CMS, paying close attention to which plugins are in use.  Since WordPress essentially outlines weaknesses of previous installs (signaling that an update is needed), hackers use that information as a road map to vulnerabilities on your company site. If you don’t patch a newly discovered exploit as often as WordPress provides an update, you place your company website at risk.

2) Increased Website Performance

Newer versions of the WordPress core often have increased performance capabilities. This in-turn will allow your company website to perform at a more efficient level. When bad, poorly coded plugins are replaced with updated versions, your website loading speed increases, which Google and other search engines reward with higher placement on the search results page.

3) Fix a Bug

Fixing any website issue is always a good idea, even if it’s not necessarily a security hole. Errors on your company website can diminish the overall site performance. Maintaining an error-free website with regular updates provides your visitors with an elevated user experience.

4) Add a New Feature

Major releases of WordPress usually incorporate additional features and functionality. The newly added tools will make working with your site much easier.

Also, a new built-in feature could replace running a plugin to accomplish the same task. When you run fewer plugins on your company WordPress website, this will increase the overall performance of the site, paving the way for better user experiences and higher search rankings.

5) A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

The cost to keep a site up to date is much less than the cost of fixing a hacked site. Update your site today or spend much, much more time and effort fixing it later (after a hacker has compromised your site and has tarnished your company’s web presence).

Call on your Harp Ninjas to Secure your WordPress Site

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