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10 Reasons Your Business should be on Facebook

Strategy is Key
While it is free, and relatively easy to build your Facebook public page, attention to detail in set up, naming and business apps are important. There are certain apps to avoid that will end up weighing down your page and creating long download times. And once you have your page up, you’ll need time to invest in updates, social ads, event ideation and page growth.

  1. Meet your Peers
    Facebook provides the perfect “social” platform on which to network with like-minded professionals and industry leaders.
  2. Establish Credibility
    Use Facebook to leave comments, tips and ideas on other’s pages and you’ll earn respect as an authority in your community/profession.
  3. Virtual Handshake–Open Doors
    Facebook provides the perfect atmosphere to reach out and introduce yourself to people who were unreachable before!
  4. Added Functionality Makes it Easy
    There are thousands of apps and tools that make it easy to connect, grow and conduct business on Facebook. In fact, if used correctly, it may well be the most powerful business tool in your online repertoire.
  5. Increase Visibility/Brand Awareness
    Facebook has over 200 million active users. The average user has 120+ friends. More than 6 million users become fans of Facebook pages every day. Pretty easy math.
  6. Your Competitors are on Facebook
    If they aren’t now, they will be soon. Be the industry leader and put your business on Facebook. Your presence will not act as a viral marketing tool for your business/brand but provide a hub in which to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  7. SEO, SEO, SEO!! And did I mention…
    This benefit has so much weight that it should be numbers 1-10 and is, by itself, reason enough to establish a Facebook page. Facebook is a heavily weighted site (#8) by Google and is given prominence in SERP (search engine page results). Therefore, your site on Facebook, will be given a lot of SEO weight.Fact: 60% of a website’s page rank on Google is determined by the number of relevant inbound links back to the website.

    Facebook is highly indexed by Google and other search engines. A presence on Facebook, with it’s additional linking opportunities and viral aspects, will quickly aid in moving your business up the Google search results.

  8. Message with Abandon!
    Because your fans have chosen to “fan” your public business page, you have the ability to ‘message’ your fans without fear of being caught in spam filters.
  9. Targeted Social Ads
    Facebook allows businesses to create social ads…ads that can be tested, targeted and interacted with across the Facebook landscape. You set the budget, Facebook does the rest.
  10. Not just for Kids
    You may be asking yourself…what business does your business have being on Facebook? Isn’t that just for kids? While primarily used by college kids in its infancy, Facebook has grown up. The largest user age group demographic is 35-55, and that group is doubling in size roughly every two months! That being said, if you target youth, you’ll find no shortage of them on Facebook.