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10 Benefits of Twitter for Businesses

The uses and benefits of Twitter are growing and expanding everyday.

Below I’ve listed some of the top 10 reasons why all businesses, no matter how big or small, no matter what your industry, should be on Twitter.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    The real name of a Twitter account is indexed by Google, along with each tweet. Your bio should be rich with keywords as it is also indexed. And, there is growing speculation that soon Google will also index the links in every tweet. This indexing can create a positive effect on your search engine page rank…just one of the many benefits of Twitter on your business.
  2. Brand Awareness
    Whether you have a well established brand and are seeking top-of-mind awareness, or you are a fledgling brand, business or organization just starting out, you can successfully launch or solidify your brand on Twitter to your followers and beyond.
  3. Product Launch/Testing
    Twitter is an excellent tool to test the waters for a new product, seek advise on a product, service, ad campaign or to announce a new product with links to the details. Create buzz and excitement around your event on Twitter.
  4. Drive Traffic to your Website
    Your Twitter account, when linked to your website or blog, will drive incremental, measurable traffic there. Not only can you link the account, you can embed links in your tweets which then may be shared or re-tweeted creating viral traffic to your site.
  5. Brand Monitoring
    Twitter is an excellent tool to eavesdrop on what’s being said about your business, industry or organization and /or your competitors.
  6. Find Employees
    Use Twitter to promote and link to job openings. Twitter acts as your virtual HR assistant.
  7. Announce Events/Promotions/Products/Services
    Used correctly, Twitter is an effective tool for announcing upcoming events (webinars, sales), new product launches, new services and more. Get the word out and provide video or page links for more information.
  8. Meet Industry Peers
    Network with like-minded professionals, meet new people who are interested in your business or service and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.
  9. Customer Service
    Augment your Customer Service or Customer Care departments with Twitter. Providing educational and reactive, helpful tweets and action help create customers for life!
  10. You Tell Me
    Please feel free to provide your thoughts on why businesses should be on Twitter. Check back to see what others have posted.