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Tally up more conversations with Google Ads that count.

Reduce cost per click, improve ROI, and grow sales by eliminating competitive overlap between manufacturer and dealers / distributors, and between dealer / distributor territories.

When local dealers or distributors across the country are responsible for their own PPC ads (including Google, Bing, and paid social), they are likely crossing into each other’s digital territory as they compete with each other for keywords and clicks with the geographical settings of their online ad campaigns. This competitive overlap automatically drives up their cost per click as they compete with each other for keywords.

As the CPC rises, ROI decreases. Media spend becomes less effective—resulting in fewer clicks (less sales), or requiring increased media spend just to maintain the same level of leads and sales. Harp’s fully-managed Distributed Marketing solution will reverse that trend or prevent it. We’ve developed a unique, centralized, fully-managed system that enables your dealers / distributors to continue owning their own PPC, with their own media spends, while keeping everyone off each other’s digital toes.


Local distributors / dealers overlap online territories through their independently run PPC/SEM campaigns, inadvertently driving up cost per click.


Distributed marketing eliminates PPC/SEM overlap, thus eliminating media spend competition amongst distributors / dealers, reducing cost per click.

Reducing Cost Per Click:

As we implement the digital footprints and remove the overlap that drives up costs, CPC is naturally reduced. Because we’re hands-on with active management on the back end, we’re also able to apply “herd” learnings to each dealer’s campaigns, applying what works and pruning what doesn’t—for everyone’s gain.

Harp’s solution vs. SaaS (Sassy but not SaaS.)

Harp provides a successful alternative to enterprise SaaS Distributed Marketing platforms. We remove the cost, hassle and admin while delivering all the benefits of distributed marketing.

Rather than providing marketing automation software as a solution—requiring manufacturers and their dealers / distributors to internally manage their own campaigns and budgets—Harp’s semi-automated, centralized process takes a tactical, hands-on approach. This approach grants dealers access to their individual metrics and control over media spend while ensuring top quality expertise, performance, and brand integrity with Harp’s unique and proprietary mix of automated and hands-on set up and management.

If your organization sells through 5 to 50 channel partners, distributors or dealers, our services are ideal for you. Our fully-managed program can also tackle the challenge of selling your own product/service direct to consumers without competing with your own network of dealers / distributors.

Learn more about our unique program:

  • cost savings and ROI gains to you and your dealers / distributors,
  • customization to your needs (reporting, co-branded portal, landing pages and more),
  • dealer / distributor communications, and
  • easy-peasy administration.

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Benefits of Distributed Marketing for Manufacturers

Improve ROI, Drive More Leads and Purchases

Sell more and increase leads across each dealer location without increasing media spend. (Impressive, right?) That’s because our centrally-managed program will eliminate competitive overlap, reducing media cost, while our analytical insights gleaned will be applied across the board, for improved optimizations across all dealer accounts.

Transparency Into Dealer Campaigns and Success

With our proprietary system, the manufacturer receives any dealer campaign metrics/insights desired, both for individual dealer performance as well as cumulative group performance. Know which dealers close on leads more successfully, which might need more training, and which areas of the country provide better sales and opportunity by comparing performances of the SEM campaigns, conversions, and sales.

Active Reporting and Data-Driven Insights

We don’t just drop a report in your lap and call it a day. After all, data is just numbers without human interpretation of how your KPI’s help drive the right outcomes and meet your business objectives. We will glean insights directly from your SEM and Google Analytics accounts and apply these insights for excellent overall performance.

Control Brand Integrity

Maintain control over your brand and messaging—and strengthen brand awareness—by synchronizing your brand voice and assets in a consistent, approved manner across all dealer SEM campaigns and templated landing pages.

Enjoy Easy Administration

This isn’t SaaS. Say goodbye to waiting for your representative to respond, or taking valuable time stuck in a chat window trying to untangle administrative issues in-house. Our team of marketing experts will proactively engage with your dealers / distributors when needed—so you can stay focused on other priorities. You give the OK. We keep the ball rolling.

Benefits of Distributed Marketing to Dealers / Distributors

Reduce Costs, Improve Performance

By eliminating instances of accidental competition amongst dealers / distributors (and between the manufacturer and its network of dealers / distributors) for the same keywords, we’ll reduce cost per click on PPC/SEM campaigns—so the marketing budget goes even further. Plus, individual dealers / distributors may also save money by no longer needing to pay their own agency fees for independently managed ad accounts.

Ad Account Ownership

The dealer / distributor will retain full ownership of their ad account during and after participation in the distributed marketing program. As we improve the SEM campaigns, dealers will continue to have ownership of their account for full visibility and transparency. We hook the dealer / distributor Google Ads and/or Bing Ads account up to our master account, so full transparency remains. No proprietary dashboards. No surprises. If the accounts needs to be established, we ensure ownership is transparent.

Access to Team of Search Marketing Experts

If your dealers / distributors prefer a deeper understanding about their PPC/SEM campaign performance, they’ll have direct contact with a Google-Certified Partner who is available to provide further clarification regarding analytics, reporting, and/or implemented campaign adjustments.

Our requests grew 10-fold due to the success we experienced with Harp’s keyword research, Google Ads and Bing Ads. Of the conversions, 46% converted into a sale, resulting in millions of revenue.”

— Taylor K. National Sales + Marketing Manager, Butterball

How it Works: From Start to Selling More

Step 1: Portal Sharing

Wondering how to get this ball rolling and drive down costs? First, the manufacturer shares a custom portal from Harp with their network of dealers and distributors. This portal is your solution to competitive PPC and SEM overlap. It will invite dealers and distributors to participate in a campaign discovery questionnaire where they will voice key information to funnel into your campaign and landing page execution.

Step 2: Campaign Discovery Questionnaire

Dealers and distributors share their SEM campaign and landing page needs via Harp’s simple, intuitive campaign discovery questionnaire. This questionnaire will collect landing page specifications, budgetary requirements, and information on existing ad accounts. This information will then be customized per dealer, per territory, and per landing page in your campaign.

Step 3: Harp Initiates and Oversees Your Custom SEM campaign

As a Google-certified partner, we’ll funnel potential clients and customers to each dealer’s unique landing page—pages engineered for lead conversion that adhere to cutting-edge industry practices.

Step 4: Harp Gleans Actionable Insights From Your Campaign Reports

You can count on us to be in the driver’s seat of your analytics and reporting. With conversion tracking properly in place on the landing pages, we’ll send automated weekly or monthly reports showing campaign activity and key metrics. The manufacturer can choose to receive cummulative or individual reports. These reports will additionally be available for your access 24/7 through the manufacturer portal.

Pricing that pays off in spades (or widgets).

Total Pricing is based on volume of dealers/distributors and total media spend. Typical pricing may include:

  • set up fee (includes brand-approved portal and landing page templates, etc)
  • monthly agency management fee
  • one-time set up fee per dealer (covering dealer registration, landing page and report set up), and
  • media commission (from 10 to 15% depending on spend levels)